How to prevent worker’s comp scams

Types of workers compensation fraud

There are three types of workers compensation frauds and they can be done by anyone in the system. Also, there can be many levels of fraud stemming from them. It is therefore important to know the workers comp scams and how to avoid them. They include:

Medical provider fraud – Johnny Chapman, Gek Law, “This is a complicated subject. It occurs when medical providers deliberately submit fraudulent bills that are more expensive services than the ones provided.”

Claimant fraud – This happens when an employee exaggerates or fakes an injury on the job.

Premium fraud – This happens when dishonest employer do not pay for state-mandated workers compensation insurance or pays less.

Workers compensation …

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Common Misconceptions About California DUI Law

California DUI law of nature tells that a person is guilty of driving while under the influence if the person drives a vehicle while under the influence of or impacted by lifting up alcohol or any drug. It is even irrelevant whether the drugs are legal or not. Brad, attorney of Hart Levin warns, “Medications can also cause you to have a DUI if it is hindering you from driving properly. The questions the officers are always asking when they pull over someone noticeably struggling to drive is: Is this person endangering others’ lives? If he pulled you over, the answer is probably yes, however, your outcome is still under debate by the law as to how harsh your punishment …

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How To Protect Yourself From Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is not something new. In the Middle Ages, women were traditionally viewed as objects because they were “physically and mentally weak”, and must therefore be protected by men. As mere possessions, men could be violent towards their women, either by enslaving, killing or selling them especially after an infidelity. While these practices have been outlawed today, there are still remnants of the violent psychopathy of our ancestors. About 33% of Americans are or were once victims of abuse. Don’t let this happen to you. Here are some steps to prevent domestic violence and different options you can take to protect yourself:

Step #1 – Assess the situation
Are you a victim of domestic violence? There are many forms …

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Medical benefits included with most workers comp cases

There are a large number of jobs which involve a lot of risk to the people involved. For example, if you are a miner then you could be seriously injured by a falling boulder while working in a mine.Cathy Rose at Kentons Law Office stresses, “You are well within your rights to claim some compensation and other benefits from the company that employed you.” Luke Black, attorney at law for Hinden Law, adds, “Medical bills from a large chunk of the preparation package depending upon the seriousness of the injury sustained.” Don’t make any hasty decisions while searching for an attorney. You need to trust the firm you decide to go with because the fate of your case is …

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