5 Tips To Find The Best Employment Lawyer

Having a workplace dispute with an employer is the last thing anyone wants, but unfortunately, things aren’t always smooth sailing. While some of these disputes can be solved through communication, it is impossible to address some through this method of conflict resolution. For instance, what if you find out your employer embezzles money from innocent clients and as a good citizen, reports them causing him/her to fire you? Well, this puts your financial stability at stake, and fortunately, you don’t have to bear with this as there are laws that protect you. While it is possible to sue your employer on your own, hiring an employment attorney is more advisable as they are well versed with such cases, and will help you with the paperwork as well as give your lawsuit a professional outlook, thereby strengthening your case. But how do you find the best one? Read on to find out.

Ask for references

There are gazillions of whistleblower attorney out there hence finding the best one in such a crowd is no easy feat. However, asking for references gives you somewhere to start. To get good references, you can

– Ask friends and family for referrals

– Ask lawyers from a different realm, for instance, your family’s real estate attorney

– Use the state or local bar associations to find a certified attorney within your locality

– Use private referral services

Get at least five to ten references.

Narrow down your list

Armed with your list of references, it is now time to narrow down your list. First, consider what area of law the attorney specializes in. You want to hire someone who has handled cases similar to yours in the past. Such a person is not only experienced but is familiar with the legal process involved. Also, even though it is not a must, it is more recommendable that you hire someone who is within your locality. This is not only convenient but also makes him/her easily accessible thus you can reach them whenever you have an inquiry.

Find out their background info on ethics violations

Don’t buy every word that a friend or attorney tells you about a specific whistleblower attorney. Take time to dig up more info on each attorney on your referral on your list. Any ethic violation by an attorney means that you cannot trust them. Fortunately, most countries keep records of any disciplinary actions taken against a lawyer in the past hence you can look up the attorneys on your list against these records. If you find any form of ethical violations, for instance, misappropriation of client funds, steer clear of them.

If their records are good on ethic practices, Go through their website and look at their previous portfolio, look at customer testimonials and go through their social media pages to see their responsiveness.

Meet them up

Finally, with your list down to at least three attorneys, book a consultation with each one of them. During the meeting find out how long they’ve been in practice, whether they’ve handled cases similar to yours before, how and when should you expect updates? Ask about the strengths and weaknesses of your case, attorney’s fees and what additional charges should you expect in the long run. Also find out whether they have malpractice insurance among many other questions.

Make a decision

Choosing a whistleblower attorney comes down to your gut feeling. On that note, pick one who you feel you were more comfortable around, or one who you felt addressed your concerns better.
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How New Types of Creatives Classes Are Inspiring The Next Generation

They’re unique and proud of who they are. They know where they want to go in life, and it might not be where their authority figures would like them to go. They’re today’s young people, Generation Z, and they’re coming to a workplace near you. What is giving them their nonconformist edge?


Even the Millennials who were born between 1980 and 1995 have been tech savvy since the beginning, but something is different about Gen Z. Not just comfortable with how to use computers, these people establish, maintain, end and even judge the worthiness of virtual and physical relationships based on factors such as how many “likes” a post gets or how many people in their friend circle agree with a statement they make. These factors also heavily influence why, when and what they buy and how they communicate their opinions about their purchases to those they know.


A significant number of these Gen Z-ers are also not shy about recording virtually aspects of their daily lives, from the meal they just cooked to their baby’s gender reveal party. They apply make-up, discuss behavioral choices with their small children and play fiercely competitive video games for all the world to see. In response, they receive all manner of feedback, usually from friends and tangential followers to their social media feed. This opens a dialogue that can be the springboard to controversy as well as creativity.


Into this milieu of constant exposure and collaboration have come a group of dedicated mentors who are committed to shepherding these young people, many of whom have rejected the traditional career trajectory. Unwilling to subject themselves to the crushing debt of post-secondary education, they are looking for other avenues into the work world. In order to accommodate this need, innovators such as Los Angeles-based entrepreneur, musician and e-sports enthusiast Nick Gross launches a new lifestyle platform. Its purpose is to provide rich content, a diverse pool of information and an ever-growing network of mentors to individuals who are working to understand what they are passionate about. The ultimate goal of Gross’ paradigm is to model and promote self-discovery in the young people with whom he and his team work. Success can then be measured not by how many rungs on the corporate ladder someone climbs but instead on whether the individual is fulfilled in serving their unique purpose and mission in life.

This generation of passionate, creative nonconformists may do nothing less than shake up the entire work world and definition of success as we currently know it. Most likely, the ride they take us on in order to attain their goals will have its rough spots. Nevertheless, the rewards everyone reaps at the end of the journey will make all of the trials and tribulations worthwhile.
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