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What You Need to Know About How Bail Bonds Work

Bail is the amount of money that the accused person pays to be allowed to stay out of jail until the trial of the case. By asking for bail, the court is simply making certain of the accused’s presence in court as and when required. At times, the bail amount is too large to be paid by the accused. In such cases, the court accepts bail bonds, which people can obtain by paying only a small part of the total bail amount. Usually, this amount is ten percent, and a bail bonding agency pays the balance of the amount. Generally, the courts will refund this amount, provided the accused continues to be present in court on all dates demanded by it. In those cases, the entire amount is retained by the agency providing the bail for the accused, meaning that the agency pockets the initial amount paid by the accused, and that is how the agency makes the profit.

A lot of people may find the money too much and t out of their reach. The amount is set low enough to make its payment worthwhile to avoid spending more time in jail, yet large enough to get its refund attractive by attending all the dates as ordered by the court.

Accused who are unable to arrange for bail on their own can seek the help of persons offering bail bonds. The accused is required to pay only a part of the bail amount, and the balance is paid by the person willing to offer bail bond. That is how bail bonds work as surety bonds in order to ensure that the complete bail amount is paid if the accused is unable to make payment to fulfill the conditions of his/her release.

When someone gets released on furnishing a bond of the required amount, they can be expected to take better care of their family, and also prepare better for the forthcoming court dates. Moreover, bail bonds prove beneficial in minimizing the number of individual in jails, and thus the expense of maintaining jails or feeding the prisoners.

There are also privately owned bail bonding agencies that issue bail bonds. The fee charged by such agencies is non-refundable. It is usual for Acme Bail to ask for collateral from the accused to ensure that the accused keeps appearing in court on all the dates fixed for hearing by the court. Collateral ensures the agency of getting its money back.

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