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How to Find and Hire the Right Tax Advisor for your Business

Tax issues are quite sensitive. They have the potential of ruining your business and draw you into financial problems If you have an issue with IRS, then you need a good tax lawyer. These are professionals who specialize in tax law. They can help you deal with legal issues pertaining to state taxes. In addition, a reliable tax attorney will represent you during an IRS audit and ensure reduce fines. If you are running a business, then there are many ways you can benefit from Hillhurst Tax Group attorneys. 

The guide below explains the process of finding the right tax attorney 

Decide your needs first

It may be costly to afford a tax lawyer at times. This means you can settle for alternative tax experts who will assist you at affordable rates. However, a tax attorney is a must when your business is facing serious legal actions from IRS officials. While other experts can assist you with minor issues, only a tax attorney can help act on your behalf before the IRS. Therefore establish first whether you really need a lawyer before choosing one. 

 Get recommendations

Ask people you trust for recommendations. They can be your friends, close family members, workmates, and other professionals. Approach your banker and ask whether there is a reliable tax lawyer they know. Chances are some of your friends may have previously hired the attorney you are looking for. This means they will be able to provide the first-hand experience of the services offered by the particular attorney.

Research online

The internet can be resourceful in finding the right tax attorney. You can search for your state lawyers in order to find only those within your local area. Your local bar association is good place to start since it provides a list of potential tax attorneys you can hire. Once you have a list of the lawyers, now use a magnifying glass to search for background information related to each attorney. 

Choose a licensed and certified tax attorney 

A certified lawyer means they meet the minimum educational requirements for the law. They did their exams and passed well before joining the bar. In addition, it also means they comply with all legal requirements set by the national or state councils. A certified Hillhurst Tax Group will, therefore, be knowledgeable on every tax issues.

Ask for consultation from each tax attorney

Interviewing will give you a chance to find the right attorney you can comfortably work with your case. Choose a convenient time to talk with Hillhurst Tax Group. Summer can be a good time since the attorneys are not busy like the tax seasons. 

If you are facing a tax issue, don’t wait before its too long. Just visit us at and we will take care of your IRS problems