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Why Hire a Tax Defense Attorney

Evasion of taxes, missed filing deadlines, or if you’re dealing with a major audit of your business or personal finance records, you might want to turn to a tax defense attorney to help. There are some cases where you are way in over your head, and do not know where to begin when you are being audited. If you are in this situation, or if you are dealing with tax implications for failure to file your taxes for several years, or to pay your income tax for any number of reasons, you should not try to deal with the IRS on your own.

When to work with an attorney

Sure, some issues are easy to resolve. And, if you owe a few hundred dollars you can likely set up a basic payment plan with the IRS on your own. But, what if you owe $100K in back taxes or didn’t file your company’s tax return for the past 10 years? What do you do when the IRS is claiming they will file wage garnishments or come after your assets if you do not set up a high cost payment plan with them? Most people don’t know their rights as it pertains to tax law; a tax defense attorney does. In these cases, or when you are dealing with an audit or high tax burden you just aren’t sure how you can repay, you might want to turn to a licensed tax defense attorney who can help you out.

Work on your payment plan

Your attorney will set up a feasible payment plan; furthermore, they are going to inform you of your rights, and let you know what the IRS can and can’t do, no matter what they claim they will do. You have rights, even if you have failed to pay taxes or if you are behind on some of your payments. If you aren’t sure of those rights, you might need to hire legal representation to help you in dealing with the IRS, so you do not have to try to confront the government agency that is coming after you on your own.

No matter how bad things might seem, if you know your rights, and if you have the right person fighting on your side to deal with the IRS and government for you, such as a top tax defense attorney, it will make matters much easier when dealing with the IRS.